How to chaos-Proof Exotic Corporate Events!

How to chaos-Proof Exotic Corporate Events!

How to Chaos-Proof Your Event

How to chaos-Proof Exotic Corporate Events

Most organisations hold end of year dinners, gala and award nights, and several other events. Corporate events are good for building cohesive teams and keeping up the morale of employees. They can also help launch new products or services, or get the right messages across when you are celebrating a business success or marking some kind of anniversary. But they’ll only be successful if the right corporate event ideas are implemented, and implemented correctly.


Most corporate events are held over weekends or limited to one day and can help give staff a morale boost. Good corporate event ideas can increase communication between staff members, while instilling a sense of camaraderie by increasing the confidence of all participating members. The event needs to be carried out in an environment that always remains friendly, while also being fun for the attendees.

Events can achieve a greater amount of publicity for that product or service. For these types of corporate events you’ll want to be sure to invite existing or potential new customers and dealers to create a loyalty that may translate into better sales and opportunities. Corporate events are exotic and usually includes sumptuous meals and wine.


WINE!!! That brings me to what every organisation needs to pay attention to. Security!


Hiring a security guard for your party can not only protect your guests but make certain the venue is kept safe. Most corporate events are held at venues that cost over a million naira per night. Can you imagine spending all that money and then having a guest break an item costing you triple the amount? Thus, a security guard can assist with more than just walking around. They come in handy in cases of fights, intoxicated guests, unauthorized weapons brought in by guests and even assist females afraid to walk to their cars after the party. Your events planner can recommend a reputable security company that trains and provides quality security servives. A quality guard will follow specific instructions provided by the person having the event. These instructions may include: patrolling and monitoring premises, prevent theft and violence, etc.


Anyone can crash an event especially when they hear music. Furthermore, word spreads around very quickly when one finds out there will be a party of sort at a specific location. Unfortunately, gifts and purses are being stolen; a security guard can stop this! More and more party hosts are considering hiring security guards for their events.


After spending all your time on planning the event, wouldn’t you want it to end without any problems? No matter how formal, it is unpredictable what can happen at a corporate event. A security guard is paid to protect. Invest in a security guard to assist you in perfecting your corporate party. Their services include:


Monitor entrances and exitsAsk for identification (if necessary)Guard against theftRespond to life threatening situationsWalk guests to their vehiclesEvict unwanted guestsMonitor alarmsMonitor windows


Bouncers, security officers and door supervisors are well known for being able to manage events discreetly. They are not just present within the entertainment industry, but are also present more and more at corporate functions. In fact, they can help to maintain a great atmosphere at any event, as they are skilled to deal with situations that may otherwise get out of hand.


By placing licensed security around your host venue, you are able to utilise a range of skills that are specially selected for the event. Stewards, bouncers, door security, crowd control, and traffic marshals. They can be more affordable than you think, for basically skilled, licensed and trained officers.


Here are some top eight tips for event security in the modern world.


  1. Enlist Expert Advice


Hire experts who know how to cope with large numbers of people and handle any situation or threat with a professional response that does not cause a scene. Ask for references and make sure they are properly insured. Many individuals state they have an event security company but don’t have insurance or experience.


  1. Assess Your Event


Before requesting the number of event security guards you think you need, let the security expert assess your event based on capacity, attendees, venue and nature of your event to determine whether it is “high” or “low” profile experience.


“The organizer may describe the event as a product launch, but it could be for a sensitive product that may not be liked by certain people or groups. The same for charity events and fundraisers with corporate CEOs and wealthy people in attendance,” Sometimes someone with a grudge against the company or the executive could try to come in and protest, disrupt or do harm.


  1. Prepare for Protest


Always be clear with the event security expert if the client sponsoring the event may draw hatred or negative feedback toward their mission. People may launch an attack against a company they feel discriminates against its workers, doesn’t pay them enough, mismanaged their retirement portfolios or any other reason they feel is justified.

Have the event security experts liaise with the local police department and let them know who and what is happening.


  1. Screen Guests and Staff


Make sure all guests are properly screened and checked in with proper credentials. “Are you trying to prevent party crashers from sneaking in and having a few shrimp or bashing for a free beer, or are you trying to prevent a more serious disruption?” The event security staff will familiarize themselves with the guest list and turn away those who have not been formally invited.


Additionally, have your event security partner screen all vendors and their employees supplying services, to see if they are biased towards the event.


  1. Skip the Surprise Searches


Invitations should disclose that “all persons and property are subject to search” and proper ID is required. That way there will be no surprises at the door. Some events are no-cell phone zones. “We take their cell phones away so they can’t photograph what is going on, or post it to a social media site,” Stone says. “We check them with a coat-check ticket and they get it back on their way out.”


  1. Budget for Safety


In today’s world climate of terrorism, for high-profile events save your money on the shrimp and lobster and direct it towards event security, walk-through metal detectors and more.“Budget is very important. People need to know what they are getting themselves into and what the scope of their event is.”


A red-carpet affair with top-level security normally requires “platinum” level event security from a top-level provider with mostly off-duty police officers on hand. A middle-level package involves licensed security guards, perhaps someone who works as a janitor during the day and moonlights as a security guard by night. The lowest level provides fire guards, which are required by law and varies from state-to-state.


  1. Have Medical Support


For large capacity events always have an emergency medical crew onsite for first response and to handle the unexpected food allergy, medical condition, heart attack or slip and fall head injury.


  1. Create Clear Credentials


Always make sure that staff is clearly identified as staff, and not guests, with clear description of credentials




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