5 Ultimate Tips to finding the perfect Event Planning Company for your event

5 Ultimate Tips to finding the perfect Event Planning Company for your event

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I understand your struggle, sincerely I feel you. You have a major party at the corner, and you’re stranded in finding the perfect event planning company to make it happen.

It can be a mind-boggling decision finding the perfect event planning company out of the over-crowded self-acclaimed professionals. Of course, every event planner will tell you they are the best; but you, I know, don’t want to gamble on that. You want to be certain and be able to beat your hand on your chest that – yes, this is it.

Well, worry no more, as you’ve managed to find your way to this post.

To get it right, take a look at what each company has to offer and determine which company is going to give you the best. The effective way to start is to reach out to the former clients of the event planning company you’re considering.

These 5 ultimate tips will help you find the perfect event planning company:



I recommend that you look for an event planning company that specializes in your particular type of event (e.g. corporate, wedding, launching etc.) and is passionate about what they do. It’s highly unlikely that a company with no passion for the job will produce an exciting and successful event. You can tell from how they showcase their previous events on their social platforms.



You might want to carefully look at the event planning company’s portfolio and profile to check if they are organized or not.

In talking to their previous clients, you’ll be able to determine their level of organization fairly quickly by asking.


People Skills

It is fairly critical that event planning involves dealing with people and organizing people. The event planning company you’re looking at should have outstanding people skills to and you can judge this by how they interact with you personally.



You definitely want your event planning schedules nailed down with very specific timeline and milestones. That said, things could go wrong at some point and it’s absolutely essential that your chosen event manager has the flexibility to cope. So, if you’re speaking to a previous client of an event planning company you’re considering, ask them how the company performed under pressure.



Lastly, you should figure out if the event planning company you’re considering is able to quickly and effectively come up with Plan B should the need arise. You don’t want to end up disappointing your guests because of indecisiveness on the part of your event planner in the case of the unforeseen.



With these few tips of mine, I hope I have been able to convince and not confuse you that finding your perfect event planning company is doable. If you’re still in a confused state, I heartily recommend you give Pleasant Jay Events a trial. I bet you’ll be glad you did.

Now, seriously, you do owe me an invitation letter to this terrific party for these priceless tips. Time to ‘turn up’

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